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Fallen Too Far: Is it Really NA?

Is it New Adult? Or isn’t it?

I commonly hear “Anything by Abbi Glines is New Adult.” Is this true? I’ll admit, I often have trouble deciding whether her work is technically Upper YA or NA. Maybe that’s the charm of New Adult. It’s all perspective. Someone might still view you as a young adult, while you feel older. Or someone might view you as older and want you to be more responsible, while you still feel like a young adult.

In Fallen Too Far, the main character Blaire is 19. Her age fits the demographics of NA…and nearly YA. It’s such a fine line . I try to think back to myself at that age. Did I mature that much during the ages of 18 and 19? I’m not sure. I was in college – which forces you to mature, whether you want to or not. Blaire’s legally an adult…so that should make it NA, right?

She’s forced to live at her father’s house, after her mother dies and she’s left on her own. She’s definitely fending for herself as an adult. There’s no one there to look out for her. Again, this is a New Adult scenario. If it was YA, some mysterious relative we’d never heard of would swoop in to take care of her. Or Social Services would.

She’s also a virgin – this pushes the NA line more as a YA novel is less likely to make this an important fact. Sure, there’s virgins in YA – even virgins that become deflowered, but it’s not usually a lusty, lip biting issue.

Side note: I do wish Blaire wasn’t such a pure virgin. What’s up with all these virgins who have never been touched? Never touched themselves? Someone buy these characters a vibrator! Seriously. Empower yourself, characters. *steps off soapbox*

However, Blaire’s also sheltered. Inexperienced. She makes rationalizations that to me – a woman in my mid 20s- comes off as immature and childish. (However, let’s not talk about the decisions that I made at 18! Deal?)

What girl hasn’t lost her head a little because of a man? Done things she’s sworn she’d never do? Things she had been critical of in the past. That’s the power of love, lust, and everything in between. To me…it feels like NA. Even if I did question it.


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