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Welcome to the Month of Shamrocks – and a big announcement!

It’s March!

What do you think of when you hear March? St. Patrick’s Day? Shamrock shakes?

Irish accents? Announcements about book with hunky men that have Irish accents?

You should be. You guys know me by now.

Get ready for a MONTH of Irish themed fun. Hunks, desserts, and two book announcements. Oh, did I say two? *innocent look*

It’s only fitting on March 1st, I should tell you guys about the first announcement. What happens when two writers are best friends? They bounce ideas off each other. What happens when they both love the same idea and get uber excited at the same time? They co-write it! This is my first New Adult writing project with my BFF Jolie Hudson – but I can tell it won’t be the last!



Ella Taylor has been longing for freedom since the fateful day her father died, leaving her with Coco, the step-bitch from the West, and Brooke, the wickedest of wicked stepsisters. There’s little time for a love life when Ella has to earn her keep while paying her way through college. That doesn’t stop her from swooning over Killian Ward, Mr. Gorgeous, Irish, and very off-limits. If only Brooke didn’t already have her cat claws sunk into him.

With Killian off limits, Ella is sure that all she can do is dream, until the opportunity of a lifetime arises. If she can’t have Killian in real life, maybe she can have him for three days of Midsummer, the annual Greek campus tradition. Three days of parties. Three days in masks. Will Ella find her secret Cinderella ending? Or in the real world, does the evil stepsister always win?


Get excited for a month’s worth of fun!




4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Month of Shamrocks – and a big announcement!

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