DIY Shamrock Shake

Know what’s the best part of any holiday for me? The food. I’m the girl that would make a full spread of appetizers and entrees for my friend’s Super Bowl party…and I don’t even like (American) football! Naturally, this means I’m already thinking about St. Patrick’s Day  treats – I have to show up my girl (and book-mate) Jolie Hudson, after all. Two (partially) Irish lassies determined to show up each other? This could get interesting!

I found this little treat on Pinterest. Doesn’t it look delicious? (Click to see how to make it.)

Shamrock Shakes, St Patrick's Day desserts, St. Patrick's Day

Best part? I already have Thin Mints. Boxes and boxes and boxes of them. (I take my Thin Mints very seriously, thank you!)

What treats do you usually make for St. Patrick’s Day? Tell me you do more than green beer please. Please?

Stay tuned tomorrow to meet Ella, the main character of Unmasking Ella!




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