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Why Should Authors Support Other Authors?

So Krista, even when you’re too busy to write blog posts, why do you do so many posts about other books? Why share cover reveals and book blitz and even book reviews?

Because I believe in supporting other authors.
I may not have time to read every single New Adult book that I think looks amazing. But I can swoon over the cover art with you, post some information and hope all of your Goodreads reviews sway me into buying it when I do have time. (Because seriously, I have a book buying problem and own too many books. Stop letting me loose in Amazon.)

Because I believe in karma.
Remember the golden rule? I hope that fellow authors and bloggers will support my books as they come out. Would it be fair for me to want that if I’m not supporting anyone else’s? Not one bit.

Because good books are meant to be shared.
Always. It’s a rule.

Because writing is about more than simply penning words to paper.
It’s about a community. Finding like minds. Cocreating with kindred souls. To find friends who you can frantically text to ask if a character’s name sounds right. To connect with readers and get their opinion before you create an entire world.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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